Kestralane Publishing

Gaelen's Gold

Over six centuries ago, the High Council of Elves forbade the use of magic by human wizards.  Racial tensions exploded into war, ravaging significant portions of the Emmerlee Forest and depleting natural mana sources across the land.  In the end, the victorious elves annihilated the wizards… or so they thought.


Hundreds of years later, a teenage girl with hidden magical aptitude must learn to deal with constant prejudice from peers and neighbors in her dwarven village.  Working in her adoptive dwarven family’s blacksmith shop, Gaelen secretly creates a magical sword of great power.  However, as a human, the use of magic is still forbidden and breaking this elven law has deadly consequences. 


Can a sixteen year old girl with legendary magical abilities mend the centuries old rift between the high elves and mankind?

Gaelen's Gold is the first book in a trilogy.  It was written for everyone age 10 and up.  We hope that you enjoy reading it!

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